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“Thank you for the way you conducted the funeral last week. The day was very moving and a fitting way to remember, grieve and say goodbye. Your help with this at a difficult time was very much appreciated”

“Thank you for yesterday, it was a fantastic service and was a credit to my brother. You were particularly brilliant and myself and the family can’t thank you enough”

“Thank you for the service, it was wonderful”

“We all appreciated how greatly you comforted us at the funeral”

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful service and for sending us a copy of it. We had remembered little bits, but everyone afterwards told us how great it was. The service seemed so personal to us – it was like having a friend talk about our son. We cannot thank you enough”

“Thank you so much for the send off you gave my mum. Everyone said it was lovely and just what she would have wanted”

“Thank you for the wonderful service you performed. I picked fantastic compliments on your behalf. I just wanted to thank you once more”

“Thank you for a wonderful service for my dad. Everyone commented how lovely and sincere it was”

“Just to say thank you for a wonderful service you did for my mum’s funeral, it brought laughter and a few tears, it was perfect, and I am sure my mum would have felt the same had she been there. Thank you, you did her proud!”

“Just like to say a big thank you for your comforting words at my mum’s funeral – it was nice as you made us all smile”

“We can’t thank you enough for how special you made my mum’s service and how easy you made it for us all. Although it was a sad day a lot of people mentioned to us how enjoyable and light hearted you made it. Thank you for everything you did for us”

“I didn’t know how I would get through the service but I should not have worried. You made things so nice and everyone said what a lovely service it was, and we can’t thank you enough”

“It was a real pleasure to meet you and I am really grateful for the lovely service, my mum would have loved it”

“We have received many calls from our close family and friends saying it was the most beautiful funeral they have attended. Everyone commented on how personal the service was and how fitting it was. Both my Father and I would like to thank you for the kind and thoughtful way you conducted yourself at a very difficult time for us. Your ability to gather the information to produce such a personal service with tact and consideration is to be complimented. The tone and pace of the service was just perfect. Thank you again Alastair you made his farewell memorable and poignant”

“Thank you very very much for making a sad time so much easier for my family. It really makes a difference to have had someone who actually listens and respects the wishes of the family at such a fragile time. Thank you so much for doing so much more than your job requires, your extra time and effort is genuinely appreciated”

“On a dark day for both myself and the family you eased the sorrow of saying goodbye to my father no end. Your joyful service truly did justice to my father’s memory. The way that you projected the very well written words was just great. That along with your respectful and at times humorous manner will remain with me always”

“On behalf of my family I would like to thank you most sincerely for the beautiful, personal send off you gave our dad. After spending only a couple of hours with us, you made us all feel comfortable and able to share dad with you, you then captured all aspects of dad’s life into a short space of time, making it very personal to him. Without your guidance, help and support through the service, I’m sure we would have found it a lot harder to get through this most difficult of times”

“Thank you for the service for my brother. Everyone said it was just what he would have wanted, there was laughter and tears, you did us proud, it was great”

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